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Discover the Benefits of using True Step

Non-Slip Surface Treatments

EastChem Limited has taken on the True Step treatment process to reduce the risk of people being injured from a slip or fall causing pain, temporary or permanent damage, long rehabilitation periods, loss of productivity and income both personally and for the business. Compensation only covers a proportion of the cost.

  • No reduction in income

  • No time off work

  • No Pain

  • No fractured or broken bones

  • No time in hospital

  • No rehabilitation period

  • No time off schooling for children

  • You can walk on the treated and coated surface area with confidence

  • You don’t need to have as much time watching over the children at play

  • Those less agile can confidently move around in their preferred space

Facts from ACC


Many slips and falls happen in bathrooms and areas where there is water or a slippery surface. There are 17,000 bathroom accidents each year, most commonly from slips and falls. Water and electricity are also a dangerous combination.


“A walk surface treated with True Step is actually safer in a wet condition than dry”