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True Step provide a range of high quality floor cleaning products, including 1Cleaner. (see below) We have available ON GUARD / FLEXI CLEAN / FLEX CLEAN ANTI-BAC / TRAX products. Each 3.78 litre container of concentrate will mix to make enough solution to clean approx 4500m2.


These cleaning products have the following attributes, so contact us to see which product best suits your situation.


  • Removes soil by breaking the electrostatic charge.

  • Conditions surfaces to help repel soils and keep surfaces cleaner longer.

  • Overall end-user cost savings due to low dilutions and speed of application.

  • When properly diluted, complete removal of petroleum distillates, animal fats and heavy accumulations of soil occurs in one application.

  • Safer in the event of accidental skin contact.

  • Contains a micro catalyst that creates a lubricant to protect surfaces from harst pads.

  • Contains NO harsh caustic ammonia or solvents, NO bleach, NO phosphate, NO petrochemicals, NO benzene, NO chlorine, NO nitrates, NO used in many other cleaning brands.



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