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Non-Slip Safety Tape


Non-slip Safety Tape


We use and supply NS5100 Series Safety Tape which are hard wearing products designed for application in commerce and industry.


The contact adhesive has excellent bonding to clean, sound surfaces with good instant grip. We recommend the safety tapes use especially for high traffic areas where wet or slippery floors may expose the user to slip injury.


  • Stairs and ladders

  • Loading docks and steps

  • Factories and repair facilities

  • Commercial kitchens

  • Machine shops and shipping areas

  • Service stations

  • Warehouses and recreational areas

  • Areas that need temporary or long term safety solutions


The tapes consist of a hard wearing aluminium oxide grit profile, bonded to a tough substrate. The surface of the tape is resistant to water, grease, detergents and oils.


General Properties



Bends over sharp 90 degree angles without fracture; after application to subtract, resists repeated bending without cracking or failure of bond.


Temperature requirements:

Apply to surface when surface temperature is 50 F


Is your business safe in the event of power failure?

Can you easily follow walkways, or find the stairs or exits?

We supply luminescent ‘glow in the dark’ safety tape that has no grit and glows for up to 6 hours.

Our other slip resistant safety tapes come in a variety of colours so that you can use solid colours and stripes to clearly identify various pathways and/or hazardous areas requiring anti-slip tape.


Available in Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Red/White Diagonal, Black/Yellow Diagonal

Current sizes available:

  • 25mm black

  • 75mm black

  • 25mm yellow/black

  • 50mm white/red

  • 50mm red

  • 25mm glow in the dark

  • 50mm glow in the dark anti-slip


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Environmental Resistance:

Product is essentially unaffected by normal climactic exposure and mild acid or alkalis exposure under normal circumstances.



Truestep Safety Tape Options...Make visibility and safety a priority.

Truestep Non-slip safety tape is used for many applications where the situation is relatively small.