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True Step Client Referrals


We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:

"True Step have revitalised our tiles and the grout has come back to its original colour with the added advantage of non-slip to keep our staff and customers safe"


Annabel, Executive House Keeping, Hotel


"Our tiles have been non-slipped by True Step to stop our customers and waitresses slipping over. This was a major problem that we have had for some time and we were so pleased to have found them"


Les, Maintenance Manager, Hotel


"Do you remember us? You non-slipped our bathroom a coule of months ago. As you know I'm in a wheelchair and I want to say on behalf of myself and my care givers that we have not had a single slip since and we are very impressed. My husband has spent $30,000 on a special wheelchair so as soon as we can afford it we will get you to come and non-slip our kitchen and laundry"


Ruth, Special Needs Person



"We have vinyl in our rest home and since you put us on your special TRAX cleaner we have had no slips so far"


Jan, Rest Home Manager


"After trying several other cleaning products the 1Cleaner was definately the best. Steve the applicator did a wonderful job of properly cleaning the area and then he sealed the tiles in our kitchen and entranceway. It has been outstanding."


Shirley, Home Owner

"The True Step treatment eliminated the dangerous slippery tiles surface problem. It was great getting Steve to do the job  professionally as he was fast and efficient"


Roy, Home Owner


" I have to use special ointments on the soles of my feet which have caused me to slip and fall many times. Three years ago I had True Step carry out the non-sip treatment on our tiles and using their recommended cleaning product. The non-slip treratment is working like magic. Thanks for making our house safer."


Graeme, Home Owner