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Technical Details


Safety and Health Protection is No Accident with Truestep Non-Slip Treatment


New Zealand standards require a minimum of 0.04 of CO-EFFICIENT of FRICTION or above to be a safe legal walk surface.

Our TREATMENTS and COATINGS meet these requirements.


You don’t have to use a non-slip rough tile to meet these requirements. We can SLIP TEST a tile of your choice then carry out the TREATMENT and RETEST SLIP RESISTANCE and report back to you with the increase in CO-EFFICENT of FRICTION.


All you need to do is choose your coloured xmooth tile and send it to us. We will do this process for you for a small fee and if you go ahead with the project and engage one of our team to do the treatment, we will CREDIT the cost of testing off the job.


Our coatings are relatively easy to show you, as we can place these on sample surfaces and send them to you so you can LOOK, TOUCH, TEST and decide… It’s that easy.


We have a SEALER for CONCRETE that can be applied as soon as you can walk on the surface which helps the curing process, assists in retaining and bonding colours in CONCRETE and allows you to start working or using the area sooner without staining or marking the surface as easy as UN-SEALED concrete.




We have the ability to slip test tiles of your choice prior to your purchase or project commencement. If manufactured NON-SLIP tiles are NOT your preference because you require a more asthetic look and smoother surface to clean don’t hesitate to contact us via E-mail or phone to discuss sending a sample to pre-test, treat, re-test and report to you with the results. We then send the sample back to you to view for your own satisfaction.


The COST of the slip testing will be creditable should you engage True Step to carry out the treatment process for your project.

Concrete Coatings


  • ES-83 Coloured Smooth or non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

  • AU-73 Clear Smooth or non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

  • 97300 Clear and coloured non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

  • 56101 Grey non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

  • 97008 Clear non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

  • 99002 Grey H- Duty non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

  • PASS Clear non-slip Interior/exterior Click 4 Brochure

Decking Coatings


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