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Non-Slip Treatments for Tile & Stone


In simple terms True Stop non-slip is a long lasting microscopic treatment that creates an invisible sophisticated tread design into the following floor surfaces.


  • Quarry Tiles

  • Spanish Tiles

  • Ceramic Tiles

  • Marble

  • Concrete

  • Glazed Brick

  • Terrazzo

  • Natural Stone


Truestep is used to treat tiles in a variety of commercial situations as well as around the home. The area’s you would lay tiles or use a hard surface floor are:


  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom/shower

  • Foyer/entranceways

  • Patio/barbeque areas

  • Porcelain and enamel bathtubs

  • Spa/swimming pool

  • Laundry

Building new or renovating use durable products that will stand up to the application of the area, match your décor, and will look really nice when in place. Now you have made the choice and if there are concerns with the surface regarding slipping don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone before you wish to proceed, we offer FREE OF CHARGE to non-slip a sample for you, simply send the sample to us and we will do the non-slip process and return this to you to access. (The only cost will be the return freight or courier.)

Commercial Premises Flooring Treatments

Truestep is:

  • Not a film or coating

  • No flaking or chipping

  • No shut down time – area can be used immediately

  • Indoors – outdoors / all kinds of weather


Truestep treats the following types of floors:

  • All tiles

  • Marble

  • Concrete

  • Any hard mineral surface

  • Porcelain / enamel bathtubs



  • Entranceway

  • Kitchen and Dining area

  • Toilets


Hotel / Motel:

  • Bars

  • Foyers

  • Showers

  • Dining room

  • Porcelain / enamel bathtubs

  • Spa’s / swimming pool surrounds

  • Barbeque areas

  • Toilets


Public Swimming Pools and Spa’s Hospital / Rest homes:

  • Foyer, entranceways and patios

  • Shower blocks and toilets

  • Laundry areas


Shops and Malls:

  • Entranceways

  • High traffic floor areas

  • Canteen / toilets


Factories / Cool stores:

  • Wet or moist floor areas

  • Toilet blocks

  • Showers

  • Forklift areas

  • Foyers / canteen area


Sports Club Facility:

  • Shower blocks

  • Rooms

  • Entranceways

  • Kitchens

  • Bars



  • Canteen

  • Entranceway

  • Shop floors

  • Butchery

  • Deli / bakery

  • Dispatch


General Business Premises:

  • Canteen

  • Foyer / entranceway

  • High traffic area

If your business requires a non-slip safety check then you need to talk to the True Step team now.


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